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The Incredibles

Friday, December 03, 2004
I watched it twice. I'm such a sucker for Pixar animation. :)

Edna is hilarious! Finding Nemo is better, but The Incredibles is great too. Do you know that they had a Hair and Cloth simulation director just to take care of how the hair and cloth looks in the movie?

Needless to say, the hair and cloth rocks. Every single time. Even Jack Jack's. :)

And Jack Jack... How can a character who doesn't speak, isn't toilet-trained even, be so heart-tuggingly adorable? :)

Elasticgirl has the most creative superpower of them all - and good for plenty of laughs as well. I like it that superheros get chubby in the hips. I like the little kid on the bicycle who watches in the driveway, and the old sobbing lady at the insurance company, and Dash at the running event.

Not too sure about the "moral" of the story though. One of the maxims that they overthrow in this movie is that "if everyone is special, then no one is." It champions using your extraordinary gifts - but what if we find that we are really just simply too ordinary? Anyway.

The movie rocks. Better than Sharktale (I watched that too). Go watch it.